Discovering the Enchanting Depths: Molinière Underwater Sculpture Park’s Unveiling of Artistry and Conservation

Welcome to the Molinière Underwater Sculpture Park, an aquatic utopia that stands as a triumphant ode to artistic expression, conservation fervour, and the indomitable spirit of Grenada
Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

In a breathtaking revelation, the Grenada Tourism Authority has unveiled an enthralling collection of 31 new sculptures destined to grace the azure depths of the famed Molinière Underwater Sculpture Park. This subaquatic haven, an emblem of artistic expression, environmental guardianship, and cultural exultation in Grenada, stands poised to be elevated through this expansion initiative. A reverent tribute to both the world of art and the realm of marine life preservation, this unveiling marks a pivotal chapter in the legacy of this celestial aquatic sanctuary.

The visionary force behind the park’s inception, the illustrious artist Jason deCaires Taylor, stands as the maestro orchestrating this underwater symphony once more. His masterful touch birthed twenty-five spellbinding sculptures within a collection christened “The Coral Carnival.” Steeped in profound resonance with the island’s distinctive culture and heritage, this anthology pays homage to the spirited personas of Jab Jab, Vieux Corps, Pretty Mas, Shortknee, and Wild Indian. Taylor’s ingenuity achieves unprecedented heights as his creations are adorned with vibrant hues, echoing the pulsating spirit of Spicemas – an innovation unseen within this terrain until now. In an unprecedented flourish, Taylor unfurls his artistic wings further by bestowing upon the abyss The Lost Correspondent and The Unstill Life, two captivating replacement sculptures to grace the underwater gallery.

Not to be outshone, local virtuoso Troy Lewis lends his indigenous brilliance to the aquatic tableau, contributing four mesmerizing sculptures: La Diablesse, Mama Glo, Bélé Dancer, and Leatherback Turtle. Infused with local essence, La Diablesse and Bélé Dancer, alongside The Coral Carnival, emerge from a design competition ignited by the Grenada Tourism Authority. The visionary prowess of Alleyne Gulston, Brittney Baptiste, and Nemika Drakes takes centre stage, propelling these creators into the limelight. Before taking their ethereal plunge, these sculptures stand as tangible testaments to the flourishing artistry and imagination flourishing in Grenada, their delicate forms gracing Prickly Bay Marina until October 2023, inviting the public to partake in this artistic revelation.

At the poignant unveiling ceremony, Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Randall Dolland, beamed with pride, stating, “Today marks a glorious juncture for all Grenadians, as we find ourselves the custodians of Carnival and Folklore characters beneath the waves. With these awe-inspiring additions, we anticipate a surge of digital admiration that beckons visitors to experience these cultural masterpieces firsthand. It’s a defining moment to export our heritage across the globe. Furthermore, these sculptures stand as steadfast sentinels of our unwavering commitment to marine vitality, nurturing corals and underwater ecosystems within our hallowed marine protected areas.”

Radiating an aura of gravitas, Hon. Lennox Andrews, Minister with responsibility for Economic Development, Planning, Tourism, ICT and Creative Economy, articulated his elation, proclaiming, “We stand collectively delighted to bear witness to the culmination of this visionary odyssey, a manifestation of creativity and originality that elevates our tourism domain. This expansion augurs a future wherein our shores and marine tapestry command heightened global attention.”

As these sculptures gracefully nestle into their aquatic abode, they etch an enduring testimony to the harmony between creativity and sustainability, breathing vitality into the marine realm and fortifying the bedrock of Grenada’s resplendent tourism saga.

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