Revolutionising the Road: Lukas Czinger’s Vision for the Future of Hypercars

Czinger Vehicles emerges as a titan of technological triumph, disrupting the asphalt with sustainability at its core. The Executive Magazine speaks with Lukas Czinger, the visionary COO steering this trailblazing enterprise. Through his lens, we explore how a fusion of art, engineering, and an unyielding reverence for nature is crafting not just hypercars, but a legacy
Picture of Aaron Kelly

Aaron Kelly

Motoring Editor at The Executive Magazine

In the realm of luxury automotive engineering, where tradition meets innovation at a crossroads, a new era is being ushered in by Czinger Vehicles—a name that is rapidly becoming synonymous with the pioneering spirit of the 21st-century hypercar. At the helm of this inspiring journey is Lukas Czinger, the company’s Co-founder and COO, whose un...


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