Silico and Marcadus Forge a Dynamic Partnership for Digital Twin Transformation

In a world ever-evolving, Silico and Marcadus are not just embracing change—they are architecting a new era of business excellence through the fusion of Process Simulation and Process Mining. The Executive Magazine finds out more
Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

In a groundbreaking alliance that promises to redefine the landscape of process improvement, Silico, the trailblazing Business Process Simulation platform, has joined forces with Marcadus, a distinguished business improvement management consultancy and Celonis Gold Partner. This visionary partnership is set to revolutionise process enhancement capabilities by synergising Silico’s cutting-edge Process Simulation Platform with Marcadus’ data-driven Process Mining services.

At the heart of this collaboration lies an unprecedented opportunity for customers to harness the power of Celonis Process Mining outputs. Pioneering the creation of advanced Digital Twins of business processes, this partnership aims to pinpoint the most transformative process improvement initiatives while fostering an ongoing vigilance over potential enhancements.

By embarking on this synergy, organisations can derive a spectrum of benefits, including:

  • Swiftly expanding Process Mining outputs into dynamic Digital Twins that holistically gauge the repercussions of changes on pivotal strategic metrics.
  • Simulating the ramifications of alterations on various process metrics.
  • Gaining insights into the consequences of redesigning specific sections of a process.
  • Unveiling prime prospects for process amelioration in real-time, as both the process and its operational milieu evolve.

The Silico-Marcadus partnership introduces an unparalleled era of Digital Twin technology, ushering in a realm where businesses can unearth novel process improvement prospects, unravel the interconnected fabric of their operations, and scrutinise process modifications with instantaneous visibility. This pioneering collaboration presents a trailblazing end-to-end process improvement prowess, spanning from process inception to optimisation and continuous surveillance. This creates substantial value for both existing and prospective clients.

As John Hill, the visionary CEO of Silico, elucidates, “Our elation is immeasurable as we unveil our alliance with Marcadus. By amalgamating their Celonis-fueled Process Mining prowess with Silico’s Process Simulation ingenuity, we extend a tantalising array of prospects for customers to unearth superior process enhancement avenues and amplify the strategic footprint of their processes. The symbiosis of Process Mining and Process Simulation empowers organisations to sculpt genuine Digital Twins of their processes—a logical progression for those pushing the envelope of process excellence.”

Echoing this sentiment, Jan Vianen, the astute CEO of Marcadus, remarks, “Simulation technology stands as a pivotal focus for our esteemed clientele, and we’re thrilled to incorporate Silico’s prowess into our repertoire for existing process mining patrons. The capacity to foretell the forthcoming impacts of process metamorphoses and promptly visualise their ripples is unparalleled within the realm of Process Mining technologies. Marrying our process mining acumen with Silico’s simulation marvel ensures our clients retain their vanguard status in the arena of process enhancement.”

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