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The Power of Finishing Touches – Elevating Your Career With Good Sartorial Choices

In the realm of executive leadership, every detail exudes a narrative of precision, purpose, and prowess. Impeccable presentation isn’t just a reflection of style, but a strategic choice that wields profound influence. Mark Geraghty, Partner at Executive Recruit give us his invaluable advice on how to become a more effective leader by focussing on the finer details.

UK Housing Market Set to Witness Lowest Annual Sales Figures Since 2012

In a reflection of shifting economic currents, the United Kingdom’s housing market is poised to witness a dramatic 20% reduction in property transactions this year, reaching its nadir in over a decade. This phenomenon, attributed to the interplay of escalating mortgage costs and a tightening cost of living landscape, serves as a telling indicator of the market’s current paralysis

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