Women In Business

Addressing the Gender Disparity in Technology

In an era where technological advancement is paramount, a critical issue looms large in the tech industry: the persistent gender gap. Despite strides in diversity and inclusion, women in tech face unique challenges that not only hinder their careers but also impact the sector’s innovation and growth. A groundbreaking study by the Fawcett Society and Virgin Media O2 sheds light on this pressing matter, unveiling strategies that could revolutionise the industry

How remote working is damaging women’s career prospects

In the modern era, the traditional office walls have dissolved, giving way to digital workspaces that promise flexibility and a healthier work-life balance. As we navigate through this virtual shift, the spotlight is glaringly cast on an unexpected narrative – the gendered implications of remote work. While it’s touted as a gateway to equitable opportunities, for many women, the digital realm seems to echo the biases of the physical workspace

The Most Powerful Women in Business

In a monumental shift highlighting the evolving global business landscape, Fortune showcases visionary female leaders with its ‘100 Most Powerful Women in Business’ report. From breakthrough CEOs to emerging game-changers, these women are redefining the pinnacles of success across industries and continents

Business Leaders Profile: Melanie Perkins – The Billionaire CEO Of Canva

At the heart the digital revolution, where innovation shapes the contours of our world, one name stands out: Melanie Perkins. A visionary at the helm of Canva, she’s not only redefined the design landscape but etched her legacy in business history. At just 36, Perkins wears the crown as Australia’s wealthiest woman, a testament to her audacious spirit and relentless pursuit of a singular dream. The Executive Magazine finds out more about this inspirational business leader

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