Creative, slightly outrageous, and a little bit crazy: Metamorfosi. The most experimental Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome

Headed up by chef Roy Caceres, Metamorfosi is a Michelin Star fine dining restaurant known for its creatively curious dishes, relaxed ambiance and impeccable service. The Executive Explorer finds out what all the buzz is about.
Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine


Set in the Parioli district of Rome on Via Giovanni Antonelli, Metamorfosi is right at home in an affluent area of the city, a short taxi ride away from downtown. Once through the unassuming entrance, guests are greeted by the friendly staff, and welcomed in typically warm Roman fashion. Set in a small two-storey building, the space has been fully renovated to create a chic, modern dining space.

With influences from South America, Italy and Japan, Columbian owner-chef Roy Caceres has created a truly unique destination venue, with patrons traveling from around the world to sample some of the most inventive and daring food we have ever had the delight of tasting. We were invited to try the taster menu, which consists of 6 courses and a range of bite-sized hors d’œuvre. This is the best way to sample chef Caceres’ creations, and with the wine pairing option you’ll be fully immersed in the Metamorfosi experience.

Presented in new and inventive ways, there are a lot of interesting and unique plates, including ‘la foglia di grano,’ a wrap made from leafy greens encasing succulent raw red tuna dressed with bitter herbs, mint and cream, as well as the the ‘Uovo 65°’. This signature dish is an experimental deconstructed twist on the classic Italian carbonara: created with a mysterious alchemistic process, the egg is cooked at a constant 65°C for 45 minutes, then submerged in a frothy, cheesy light sauce with truffle shavings and crispy pork. The result is nothing short of spectacular, and is highly recommended.

Another playful update of a traditional Italian dish is the ‘anti-pasta’, a dehydrated fish soup, solidified and strung out into tagliatelle like swirls. An immensely complicated creation consisting of dozens of ingredients and a four stage process, resulting in a playful, hearty and fresh pasta… that’s not truly pasta.

The finer details are what makes the dining experience really special, from the paper thin salty fried wafers of crisp bread to wet the palate, to the frozen olive oil butter, and even tiny stools brought over for guest’s bags. Every care is taken to ensure the guests feel welcomed.

Metamorfosi presents stunning modernist food, created with innovative quirkiness resulting unusual, yet highly pleasing combination of earthy flavours and unique textures. The international fusion cuisine served in a contemporary setting perfectly showcases the eclectic cooking of chef Carceres.

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