Exclusive Interview: Matt Smith – Transforming Industries & Inspiring Entrepreneurs

The Executive Magazine sits down with Matt Smith, the dynamic entrepreneur behind Snooze Mattress Co., Snap Fitness, and Wake Up 10x. Known for his relentless drive and innovative spirit, Matt shares his journey from local business owner to national franchise leader, offering invaluable insights into the secrets of his success, the challenges he has faced, and his vision for the future. Join us as Matt delves into his groundbreaking strategies, the impact of his appearance on Discovery Channel’s Undercover Billionaire, and his unwavering commitment to balancing family and business
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Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

Exclusive to The Executive Magazine, Matt Smith—renowned entrepreneur and visionary behind Snooze Mattress Co., Snap Fitness, and Wake Up 10x—shares his inspiring journey and groundbreaking business strategies. From transforming the fitness and mattress industries to collaborating with Grant Cardone on Discovery Channel’s Undercover Billionaire, S...


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