Graces: autonomy of novel jewellery

Alice Weil

Alice Weil

Features Editor at The Executive Magazine

Aya Charife is a multi-award-winning interior architect, artist and jewellery designer who created a piece with a unique mechanism which allows it to be flexible according to the mood of the wearer – the first of its kind in the world and currently for sale at Dubai’s prestigious 55 Fifty 7 Diamond Studio. Here, she tells The Executive Magazine about how these pieces take inspiration from art, architecture and the breadth of human experience.

From personal growth throughout experiences and navigating emotional intelligence, we develop into the desired state of success. The name of the concept, ‘Graces’, was derived from the personal growth of an individual’s emotional intelligence that could only be acquired by inner peace and the interactive social relationship with others.

Best representing the concept of growth is the tree of life, illustrated in the form of a geometric approach, where the structure is acquired from the repetitive formation of the arabesque pattern that mimics our journey of learning from past experiences.

The culture awareness of the surrounding heritage and formation of generations with certain traditions in the Middle Eastern region guides the piece throughout its growth into all aspects of memories created by the wearer – thus becoming a faithful companion, bearing the fruits of time and experiences.

This very unique piece unites the beauty of Middle Eastern infinite continuity carved in the heart of the earliest architectural monuments, bridging the past with the present and forecasting the bright future of every successful moment. This unity, which drives this artistic sensation into vast realms of conversing with the inner self, is extended to the rotatable technique that makes this unit not only unique, but a breakthrough in the jewellery industry worldwide due to the fixed whole part and a rotating double-sided precious gem.

Life changes and growth means development, so the design is manipulative, by the hinges at the tip of the branch of every flower. Individuals can turn the leaves into a spring/summer mood illustrated by ruby and emerald gemstones, or flipped to the other side for an autumn/winter mood illustrated by citrine and diamond gem tones. Currently, this award-winning, extraordinary piece is on display and available for purchase at the 55 Fifty 7 Diamond Studio.

I do not create for now: I simply take the beauty of past memories and revive them until my subconscious mind speaks it, then I implement it for a timeless future. We are made of merely matter and all the rest is soul and subjective spirit; if we believe that the approach of success is through a single sector of comprehensive deliverability, then we may as well say a heart without the brain can function independently. The argumentative success of design and art is composed of various attributions that should unite for a cause. We are meant to function in life with a versatile, simultaneous productivity; this itself requires a mind free of other’s autonomy. Once we free ourselves from these boundaries, we grow.

The consistency of any behavioural exchange in art marks a rewarding end product where the combination is a living illustration of our functionality in life – and the more we present different sectors, the more we branch ourselves into various opportunities of satisfying the mental approach. In other words, to implement perfectly is to fulfil a desire. There has been that controversy that reaching out to a multi-sector drains the focus on a single successful aspect, and I simply counter-argue by summarising into delegating work to the trustworthy, and the true extension of your ambition can simply bring closer versatility to implementation and work.

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