Maserati Unveils Its Latest Supercar Range at Exclusive Miami Showcase

In an extraordinary display of automotive excellence, Maserati, the illustrious Italian marque, hosted a private Miami showcase with the grand unveiling of its latest supercar lineup. This event marked a significant milestone in Maserati’s storied history, merging timeless elegance with groundbreaking innovation. The Executive Magazine was given exclusive access and spoke with Maserati CEO Bill Peffer

Unveiling 2023’s Pinnacle of Fleet Reliability: A Shakeup in the Automotive Ranks

The revered FN50 survey from Fleet News unveils some surprising results for 2023, heralding a new leader of automotive reliability, ending the eight-year reign of a formidable automotive marque. Amidst the
competition, this reshuffle in the ranks unfolds a compelling tale of industry evolution, poised to navigate the corporate fleet market through unchartered waters of assurance and excellence.

An Ode to Elegance: The ME London Hotel Unveiled

Situated near the historic Covent Garden, the ME London Hotel by Melia, designed by the revered Foster + Partners, is a fusion of architectural elegance and modern sophistication. More than just a stay, it unveils a journey through luxury, amidst the lively cultural ambiance of London

Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024 Set to Unveil Timeless Innovations

The prestigious Watches and Wonders Geneva event, unfolding from April 9 to 15, invites aficionados to a confluence of time-honoured tradition and modern innovation. With an enhanced program at the Salon and In The City, this exposition is set to captivate attendees, offering a journey through the legacy and future of fine watchmaking, amidst the illustrious backdrop of the globally revered watch Maisons

Chinese Automakers Gear Up to Navigate the UK Fleet Market

In a landscape once dominated by legacy brands, the UK’s automotive market is on the verge of a dynamic shift. A wave of Chinese automakers, fueled by innovative electric technologies, is poised to enter the scene, challenging established norms. As they prepare to navigate the UK fleet market with a suite of electric offerings, these overseas brands herald a new era of automotive competition and choice.

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