New Lexus UX SUV delivers efficiency and luxury

The Executive takes a ride in Lexus’s new luxury compact SUV, the UX.

In the ever-growing market of compact luxury SUVs, Lexus is making an impact with its new Lexus UX vehicle, with significant savings on offer for company car drivers and business fleet operators – without compromise.

Making use of Lexus’s self-charging hybrid technology, the UX has naturally low CO2emissions and excellent fuel efficiency, cutting company car tax rates and daily running costs.

The hybrid system has a proven history of delivering long-lasting performance and reliability. Couple this with simpler maintenance compared to standard engines, this delivers even further savings on your servicing and repair bills.

Company car drivers can expect to save more than £5,000 based on 36 month’s ownership or driving 30,000 miles; whilst business fleet managers can save up to £8,800 when compared to similar top-performing vehicles.

This efficiency is what makes the Lexus UX stand out in the luxury compact SUV market. Data from its pre-launch programme of UK customer test drives found that, on average, 52% of driving time and 36% of route distances were spent in all-electric mode, meaning zero emissions and fuel consumption.

With cities such as London introducing Ultra Low Emissions Zones and governments across the globe looking to cut down CO2emissions by making a push for EV vehicles, hybrid vehicles such as the Lexus UX look to be the way forward.

Ewan Shepherd, director of Lexus in the UK, said: “The new UX demonstrates how a luxurious and desirable new car can also be a compelling proposition when it comes to ownership costs.

“It has all the brave design and takumi craftsmanship details that define Lexus today, but can also save customers thousands of pounds compared to its rivals. Once again, our market-leading self-charging hybrid technology delivers multiple real-world benefits.”

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