Return on Investment or Return on Life

After over 40 years in the UK’s financial advisory field, Max Horne has uncovered a critical flaw in the industry. Traditional financial advisors often prioritise clients’ money over their life’s vision, a strategy ill-suited for business owners and entrepreneurs. Instead of merely chasing a “Return on Investment,” Horne advocates for a shift towards a “Return on Life.” This new approach, championed by Lifestyle Financial Advisors, offers unbiased, client-centric guidance that aligns financial decisions with personal aspirations, ensuring that time, the most precious resource, is spent wisely and meaningfully
Picture of Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

Guest Author: Max Horne - The Lifestyle Funding Expert

After over 40 years in the UK's financial advisory field , I came to a critical realisation a few years ago that many financial advisors and wealth managers prioritise your money over  your life's  vision. This approach is totally unsuited to business building owners and entrepreneurs.



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