The Range Rover SV Coupe: the most exclusive executive SUV money can buy

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

Land Rover has announced the release of the The Range Rover SV Coupe – the most powerful SUV Jaguar it has ever made. The Executive Magazine gets the inside story from Special Vehicle Operations (SVO).

With a limited production run of just 999 units, the SV coupe will be ultra exclusive, and reserved for the Range Rover elite. With just two doors – paying homage to the original 1970’s range rover – the coupe will be both sporty and luxurious. The Coupe is something of a heritage statement for Land Rover, but SVO have remixed the elements in a way that makes it relevant to today. The Coupe clearly alludes to a sporting prowess, but it also has a formality.

Carrying the prestigious SV badge – Land Rovers SVO division – means each car is treated to a completed overhaul, from the body work to the engine and even the interior, resulting in a truly unique piece of engineering. Subtlety is key, so no garish paint jobs or over-the-top body kits found here, thus gaining maximum appeal to the executive, more mature audience.

The ethos behind this project for the SVO division was no silliness, meaning no outlandish body flares or over the top arches . This isn’t a car for kids. The SV Coupe is about amplifying the core values of the business, and SVO want to create cars of great distinction.

In order to attain the title of the fastest Range Rover ever built, a five-litre v8 supercharged power plant has been tuned to produce a staggering 550bhp – which, as far as we’re concerned, is supercar territory – and can reach speeds of 165 miles per hour, hitting 60mph in sub-5 seconds.

Prices for this exclusive limited production run start at £240,000, but it doesn’t stop there. The customisation options are practically limitless, meaning each vehicle can be tailored to match each buyers’ requirements, from custom paint jobs to luxurious quilted Napa leather seating and bespoke entertainment systems.

Personalisation is part of the proposition. With a roster of clients already signed up for the pre-production models, they have committed an average of an extra £100,000 for modifications and customisation. SVO have a team of experts on hand to help guide you through the process of creating something truly unique, from helping you pick through the 100+ colour options to a ‘duo-tone’ interior, embroidery, door-handle and tread-plate engraving, as well as badging made of semi-precious metals and much more. As part of the experience, each customer is treated to lunch by a Michelin-starred chef whilst discussing the options.

Rather than just being a chopped-down Range Rover Sport, the Coupe is a completely new car; the only original parts are the bonnet and lower tailgate. Everything else is either brand-new or re-engineered, with a whole host of exciting additions like artisan-crafted handmade badges, a bespoke two-part grille, intense headlight beams, and a lower stance for a sportier look and feel. The interior gets the same treatment, from 20 way adjustable seating to a bespoke audio system from Meridian.

With a limited production run, you’ll need to be quick – that is, if it’s not too late already.

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