The latest Learjet 75 private jet reviewed

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

The Executive Magazine checks out the latest offering from Learjet with their 75 private jet

The brand Learjet is synonymous with luxury high end travel, and are true pioneers in the private jet market. First appearing on the scene in the early 60’s with the Learjet 23, the brand defined the term ‘private jet’, and now 2 generations on, the Bombardier owned firm are making headlines once again.

The Learjet 75 has a 9 passenger capacity, with a two club configuration and standard flat cabin floor, providing a large open plan space, and lots of room to stretch your legs.

The plush seating brings a new meaning to comfort, lined in soft leather and independently climate controlled. Each seat comes with it’s own state of the art built-in entertainment system, which gives full control for everything from heating to cooling, lights, movies and music.

The Learjet 75 has the longest range in it’s class for a commercial luxury liner, able to cover over 2,000 nautical miles in a single trip – enough to take you almost anywhere in Europe from London, and even as far as the Canary Islands and Egypt. And thats fully laden with passengers and luggage.

If you’re not in the market for purchasing your own private air liner at just shy of £15m, then you can take advantage of Stratajet. Stratajet is a new app for booking trips on private jets, think of it as the Uber of the skies. You can charter a flight for as little as £500 per person depending on the distance and time, which means you can travel like a rockstar or a Fortune 500 CEO for not much more than a domestic flight.

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