Luxury Athens hotel launches exclusive fragrance workshop

xenodocheio Milos, a luxury boutique hotel situated in the heart of downtown Athens, has introduced a sensory experience in partnership with Naxos Apothecary. The Executive Magazine finds out more.
Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

Guests staying at the hotel will have the opportunity to take part in a fragrance workshop at the stunning shop, an olfactory experience, as a sensory reminder of Athens.

The Naxos Essence Workshop

Following a morning of culture and sightseeing in the city, unwind with a unique experience of discovering the secrets of herbs and natural fragrance and body care products.  The inspiring workshop will teach the differences between eau de parfum to eau de toilette, as well unearth the ‘story’ of the Naxos Apothecary signature perfume collection. Led by a renowned Health & Beauty Editor and avid perfume collector, Charitomeni Vonta, who will guide, inspire and educate guests throughout this sensory journey. Workshops are available for groups of five to six or a more intimate class of one to two, where herbal teas and refreshing chilled cocktails can be matched to the perfume category chosen.

Naxos Apothecary

Naxos Apothecary is a herbal pharmacy and concept store that brings together homoeopathy and phytotherapy with the uniqueness of Greek herbs and natural cosmetics. Guests staying at xenodocheio Milos will discover a citrus aromatic fragrance in bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and an aromatic body oil redolent of spice and incense, all provided by Naxos Apothecary.

The Power of Scent

Scent is connected to memory more than any other sense, with even the most subtle smells enabling human brains to recall memories including travels, loved ones and experiences. The Naxos Essence Workshop allows xenodocheio Milos’ guests to experience fragrances which will reignite the memories of their Athenian getaway for years to come. The hotel is delighted to offer this unique, provoking sensory experience allowing guests to light a candle or spray perfume to reawaken memories of Athens.

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