Seize the Advantage: How London Businesses Can Ace Wimbledon 2023’s Influx of Visitors

The Executive Magazine explores economic opportunities generated by the Wimbledon 2023 in London, and how local businesses can tap in to the influx of visitors to the capital.
Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

London’s Wimbledon 2023 is just around the corner, and it’s set to attract a larger influx of visitors than France’s Roland Garros championship. Opodo, the renowned online travel agent, has revealed that the number of travelers heading to London for the prestigious tennis tournament is 8% higher than those who traveled to Paris for Roland Garros.

Delving deeper into the data, Opodo found that Germany takes the lead as the country sending the most visitors to London during Wimbledon, followed closely by Spain, Italy, and France. Interestingly, this year’s event is witnessing a longer duration of stay, with 61% of visitors planning to spend more than five days in the city, a notable increase compared to last year.

As the excitement builds, London prepares to welcome an international crowd eager to witness the thrilling matches at the iconic Wimbledon Championships. So how can local businesses benefit from this economic opportunity?

By strategically aligning their offerings and marketing efforts with the Wimbledon influx, London businesses can tap into the excitement and economic opportunities generated by the prestigious tennis tournament. Here are some ways they can benefit:

  1. Increased foot traffic: With a larger number of visitors in the city, businesses located near Wimbledon and in popular tourist areas can expect increased foot traffic. This presents a chance to attract new customers, showcase products or services, and boost sales.
  2. Hospitality and accommodations: Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals in and around London can experience higher occupancy rates during the tournament. Offering attractive packages or special deals tailored to Wimbledon attendees can help businesses in the hospitality sector attract more bookings and generate additional revenue.
  3. Food and beverage establishments: Restaurants, cafes, and bars can benefit from the influx of visitors by providing special Wimbledon-themed menus, promotions, or pre/post-match dining options. Creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere that caters to tennis enthusiasts can help drive traffic and increase sales.
  4. Retail and souvenirs: Retailers can take advantage of the tennis fervor by offering Wimbledon-themed merchandise, such as clothing, accessories, and memorabilia. Creating unique and exclusive items related to the event can attract souvenir-hunting fans and generate additional sales.
  5. Tourist attractions and experiences: London is renowned for its iconic landmarks and tourist attractions. Promoting special Wimbledon-related tours, experiences, or packages can entice visitors to explore the city beyond the tennis courts. Collaborating with tour operators or offering discounted tickets to attractions can enhance the overall visitor experience and encourage longer stays.
  6. Transportation services: Taxis, car rental agencies, and ride-sharing services can witness increased demand during Wimbledon as visitors navigate the city. Ensuring efficient and reliable transportation options, including shuttle services to and from the tournament, can help businesses in the transportation sector capture a share of the heightened demand.
  7. Marketing and partnerships: Businesses can collaborate with Wimbledon sponsors or official partners to create joint marketing campaigns or cross-promotions. Leveraging the event’s popularity through social media, targeted advertising, or influencer collaborations can increase brand visibility and attract Wimbledon attendees to their establishments.

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