Sequential: the seductive automotive art collection

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery presents ‘Sequential’, a fleet of seductive automobiles by French artist Antoine Dufilho. The Executive Magazine takes a look at this unique collection.

MB&F are renowned for their exquisite and unique time pieces, and in their latest collaboration they have teamed up with M.A.D.Gallery to present ‘Sequential’, an exhibition celebrating automotive classics such as the Ferrari 250 GTO and the epitome of iconic motoring heritage – the Aston Martin DB5.

Antoine Dufilho is a French artist and sculptor. Working entirely from his workshop in the French town of Quesnoy-sur-Deule, Dufilho sculpts each and every piece by hand. Choosing to work with local resources, all of Dufilho’s materials are sourced from suppliers within a 30km radius, and include metal, wood and resin. He shares; “The material that I use the most is metal because it is an element that allows me a freedom to add or subtract, unlike wood. Metal also has the advantage of being eternal unlike composite materials.” Dufilho continues, “Wood remains the most pleasant material to work with and brings interesting natural colours and designs while it is also still present in automobiles today.”

Sequential is an avant-garde exhibit of eight automotive works. The collection merges the artist’s passion for cars with principles from his studies in medicine and architecture, creating modern sculptures accentuating the classic curves of the worlds most beautiful vehicles. The iconic models have been selected for the Sequential exhibition based on their racing heritage, design and performance prowess. These include the Ferrari 250 GTO, Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic, Mercedes W196 Streamliner and Aston Martin DB5, which have been translated into impressive artistic renditions.

The Bugatti and Aston Martin sculptures dissects the flowing lines and the vivacious curves of each vehicle into a layered representation of the cars, creating a framework like structure of each model, producing a simple yet exquisite piece of art. “This sequenced representation provides a kinetic effect as the observer views the piece from different perspectives causing the sensation of a static object in movement. The dynamic effect is accentuated by alternating symmetries and asymmetries proving the feel of acceleration or deceleration,” explains Dufilho. The pieces are also available as wall mounted versions, which see the front of the vehicles extrude from a steel plate.

Further examples of Dufilho’s artistic techniques include layering stainless steel plates to create instantly recognisable silhouettes of iconic vehicles, as well as handcrafted resin renditions finished in automotive paints. This process emphasis the Ferarri’s devotion story speed particularly well, with its glossy finish and streamline curves. All pieces are finished to an exceptionally high standard by dedicated master artisans. “Although the level of finish is not necessarily a determining factor in art, for me it is something that I place at a high importance,” proclaims Dufilho.

Perhaps the most complex piece is a one-off piece of the Jaguar E-Type – possibly the most iconic car in history, and described as “the most beautiful car in the world” by Enzo Ferrari – constructed with a hugely intricate manufacturing process, this model is the most interactive and diverse. 2,250 handcrafted unique stainless steel rods are meticulously placed a solid rosewood base, each one arranged perfectly, and aligned to produce a ghostly 3d model of the iconic sports car. Turning the base allows viewers to discover a new and unique perspective at every angle.

The Sequential exhibition will be touring with M.A.D.Gallery in Taiwan, Geneva and Dubai, for more information visit:

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