The Business Travel Diaries: James Tucker

The Executive Magazine catches up with James Tucker, CEO of Twenty7Tec, for the latest edition of The Business Travel Diaries.

The best airline for business travel is:

“I still don’t think you can beat British Airways for short haul. There’s a level of classic customer care that sets them apart.“

The best car for driving long business miles is:

“I’m sure that my environmentally conscious children would tell me that my answer should be a Tesla for obvious reasons, but for me you can’t beat an Audi RS6, and its growling V8 as you barrel up the motorway.”

My best travel hack when travelling on business is:

“Get to know the names of any staff members at airports/stations etc that you visit regularly – you’d be surprised how many benefits a little personal familiarity can bring.”

My ultimate 5 non-clothing items that come with me on every business trip are:

ThinkPad laptop
“I’m out the office more than I’m in, and ThinkPad have upped their game, packing a lot into something which is easy to throw into a small bag.”

Samsung S10
“I’m constantly moving between meetings and locations, so the ability to stay in touch with both colleagues and customers is crucial in maintaining momentum for our business.”

“For those rare moments on a plane or a train where you need to switch off and lose yourself in a great book.”

Hand sanitiser
“Let’s be honest, theres always a sick person coughing somewhere nearby.”

Samsung S3 Gear Watch
“I love its ease of use and how it tracks my activity levels during the day.”

The best hotel I ever stayed in for business travellers was:

“I always prefer Air B&B to hotels to be honest, I’ve stayed in some stunning apartments in various cities for much less than the price of a hotel room.“

My worst ever business travel experience was:

“To be honest, any travel back from the US to the UK results in painful jet-lag, and awkward moments where you fall asleep in the most unfortunate of places the next day. On a bench at the play park with my kids for example. I’m quietly sure the other parents thought I was a homeless person.

The best online alternative to business travel is:

“Despite running a tech business, and admittedly we do use Hangouts a lot for our colleagues in Canada, there is no better alternatives than a face to face meeting to shake hands and build a relationship.”

The one thing that would change business travel for the better is:

“Allocated seats on South West Trains from Bournemouth to London. Our business is based on the South Coast and London, and I’m so fed up of paying £100+ for a ticket to have to sit on the floor.”

To get away from business my favourite place in the world is:

“I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Trump Turnberry up in Scotland is a stunning golf resort, and they look after you exceptionally well.”

James Tucker is the CEO of Twenty7Tec – providing innovation in tech for the mortgage industry. To find out more visit

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