Author name: Alice Weil

Features Editor at The Executive Magazine

Navigating the Nuances of High Net Worth Tastes and Their Evolving Future

Mark Geraghty, Partner at the Exec Recruit Group Ltd delves into the sophisticated world of high-net-worth tastes, where luxury is not just about wealth, but a complex interplay of style, influence, and personal identity. This article unveils how the affluent are redefining luxury in an era where authenticity, sustainability, and personalisation reign supreme, shaping the future of exclusivity and elegance

NCSC Highlights Escalating Cybersecurity Threats to UK Infrastructure

The National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) seventh Annual Review exposes critical cyber threats to the UK’s infrastructure, emphasising the rising challenges from state-aligned actors and aggressive cyber activities. This pivotal report underscores the need for strategic collaboration to counter growing threats, particularly from China, and to safeguard the UK’s electoral processes in an evolving digital landscape

2024 could be the perfect year for mergers and acquisitions

The year 2023 saw a muted global landscape for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due to persistent high inflation and escalating interest rates. However, as we inch towards 2024, a pivot is on the horizon. The upcoming year heralds a favorable shift, opening a window of opportunities for firms eyeing strategic alliances. This article explores the unfolding M&A narrative, shedding light on the promising avenues awaiting enterprising ventures in the imminent year

Unveiling the British CEO Demographic

The archetype of a British CEO has often been seen as male, white, and straight. As global sentiments lean towards inclusivity, does the UK’s corporate leadership follow suit? The Executive Magazine examines the latest census data, revealing the demographic composition at the zenith of England and Wales’ business sphere, shedding light not just on the figures, but the implications they hold for aspiring leaders from diverse backgrounds

What does the future of social media marketing hold?

In a digital world that never sleeps, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity. The “Global Social Media Trends Report” by HubSpot and Brandwatch explores the future of social media marketing. The Executive Magazine analyses the data, revealing the transformative trends that are reshaping the way brands connect, engage, and grow in the social media world.

Discovering the top Tech Investments: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024 Budgeting

As 2024 nears, businesses face a sea of tech investment choices. This array of options holds the promise of boosting competitive edges and improving operations. However, deciding where to invest, especially when technology is evolving rapidly, can be challenging. This guide aims to simplify the tech investment landscape, providing a clear roadmap for businesses with different budgets, ensuring each investment moves them closer to their goals in the digital age.

CEOs and Social Media: A Ladder to Growth or a Slippery Slope?

A CEO’s personal brand is a beacon that can significantly impact organisational reputations. The digital age poses a pertinent question: should CEOs venture into the world of social media? Platforms offer a tantalising promise of unbridled engagement and a humanised brand persona. However, with every tweet, post, or share, comes the potential to either elevate or tarnish a brand’s image

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Salary Disclosure

As governments and employee advocacy groups rally for a more transparent dialogue around earnings, the corporate sphere is abuzz with debates on the merits and pitfalls of salary disclosure. Is this the dawn of a new era of enhanced recruitment and robust employee engagement, or a slippery slope towards an inflexible pay structure?

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