Experience the Bear Grylls Survival Academy with Sani Resort

Greece's Leading Luxury Family Destination, Sani Resort, Offers Experiences at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. The Executive Magazine finds out more
Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Elizabeth Jenkins-Smalley

Editor In Chief at The Executive Magazine

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy is returning for its third year at the Luxurious 5 star Sani Resort, promising to be an unforgettable experience. This unique academy is the first of its kind in a European resort and was developed in partnership with the legendary adventurer and multi-award-winning survivalist, Bear Grylls.

Courses at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy are offered complimentary to all guests in 2023. This fantastic opportunity encourages guests to push their limits, develop new skills and experience the beauty of nature-based adventures.

Adventures at Sani Resort

Sani Resort is located in a 1,000-acre ecological reserve, complete with pine-fringed beaches, lush woodlands, and wetlands, providing the perfect setting for families seeking an immersive experience. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy showcases Sani Resort’s reputation as a leader in hotel innovation and experiential travel, and adds to their growing portfolio of world-class sporting academies.

Led by a team of instructors hand-selected by Bear Grylls, the Survival Academy offers a unique opportunity for families and young adventurers to connect with nature and develop expert survival skills within the breathtaking environment of Sani Resort. Sustainability is at the heart of Sani, and encouraging guests to get out and enjoy nature is integral to their ethos. Created specifically for Sani by Bear Grylls, the dynamic courses feature a variety of exciting activities designed to teach guests the essentials of wilderness survival, including shelter and fire-building, navigation, signalling for help, and astro-navigation on a night time trek through the resort’s woodland.

Exclusive experiences

The academy is designed to combine the three natural worlds of Sani; the unspoilt beach, the Sani Forest and the Sani Wetlands, showcasing the resort’s prime position. Guests will also have the chance to experience a spectacular extraction experience by boat with breathtaking views over the Cape Sani, an exclusive activity offered to Sani Resort.

Bear Grylls comments “we have a very special partnership with Sani Resort and it’s great to be returning for a third year. Sani is very unique to offer a wealth of world class academies, and I’m delighted that our vision for kid-friendly survival skills can be a part of it. Our academy is unique, because it encourages kids to get away from digital devices, away from screens and embrace the natural world – it gives children the opportunity to be present in the here and now, and try something they have likely never experienced before. I have always believed that the currency of life is all about resilience: having that dogged, never-give-up spirit; learning how to deal with failure; learning how to build teams, how to be a leader and how to communicate well. The academy at Sani does just that, away from academics, in the incredible natural setting of Sani Resort.”


The Bear Grylls Survival Academy offers two distinct courses for guests of Sani Resort: the Family Course and the Teen Course. The Family Course is ideal for families with children aged six and up, offering an opportunity to bond while learning essential survival skills. The course begins with an introduction to the “priorities of survival” and a lesson on concealment before venturing into the Sani Forests to learn more about survival skills. The course culminates with a challenge to set up camp, build a shelter, and start a campfire.

The Teen Course is exclusive to Sani Resort and is an immersive six-day programme designed for teenagers aged 13-17. The programme offers a range of activities aimed at fostering essential survival skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. Activities include navigation, spear making, stalking, tracking, raft building, and foraging for wild food. The programme is conducted in a safe and controlled environment with expert guidance, ensuring a thrilling and memorable experience for all participants.

Sani Resort offers an impressive portfolio of sporting academies, including the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre and Chelsea FC Football Academy, which provide top-level training for both kids and adults. Additionally, the resort offers a variety of exciting activities such as scuba diving certified by PADI, biking with KTM Bike Club, sailing, water sports, yoga, aerial yoga, archery, and Sparta Gym, ensuring that guests of all interests and ages can have a memorable, action-packed experience.

Sani Resort has introduced several exciting developments for families and children, including an upgraded Little Guests team and the newly refurbished Porto Sani. The family suites are equipped with amenities such as Annabel Karmel Kids’ food corners and Carol Mae baby consulting services to cater to the needs of young families.

About Sani Resort 

Sani Resort is a luxury destination situated in Halkidiki, Greece, that boasts five highly-acclaimed beachfront hotels, namely Sani Beach, Sani Club, Porto Sani, Sani Asterias, and Sani Dunes. Spanning over a 1,000-acre ecological reserve surrounded by stunning pine forests and pristine beaches, Sani Resort has set the standard for luxurious hospitality in the Mediterranean for almost half a century. It offers exceptional services and world-class facilities such as a private marina, the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center, the Football Academy in partnership with Chelsea FCF, and the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. Sani Resort is also the host of two renowned events, the Sani Festival and Sani Gourmet. With its commitment to sustainable hospitality, Sani Resort has been consecutively recognized with numerous awards including “World’s Leading Luxury Green Resort,” “World’s Leading Family and Beach Resort,” and “World’s Leading Cultural Destination” at the World Travel Awards.

Sani Resort is owned by the Sani/Ikos Group, an innovative and fast-growing organization of luxury resorts situated in exceptional beachfront locations across the Mediterranean. The Group is driven by its vision to provide guests with unmatched hospitality and experiences, create growth opportunities for its staff, deliver significant benefits to the ecosystems surrounding its resorts, and provide value for its investors. The Group is constantly expanding its brands in Greece and beyond.

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