Charging EVs at Home: Key Insights for Fleet Managers

Home charging for EVs is emerging as a game-changer for fleet managers, combining cost-efficiency with operational convenience. By enabling vehicles to recharge overnight at lower domestic rates, fleets can significantly cut down on expenses while ensuring vehicles start each day fully charged. This approach not only reduces downtime but also aligns with the increasing preference of EV drivers to charge at home. However, navigating the complexities of installation, cost management, and accessibility is crucial to fully leverage the benefits of home charging for a fleet. Here’s what fleet managers need to know to make the most of this promising solution
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Aaron Kelly

Motoring Editor at The Executive Magazine

Home charging presents an attractive solution for many fleet operators, offering significantly lower costs compared to public charging networks. Additionally, vehicles can charge overnight, ensuring a fully topped-up battery at the start of each day, which minimises potential downtime.

Research consistently shows that most electric vehicle (EV)...


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